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IMPORTANT: If related to the reason for your appointment with us, please bring prior medical records including results of any blood tests or radiological procedures with you or have your physician FAX/mail them to our office.

Please download the Release of Medical Information Form and send to your physician’s office. If you are unable to print the form please let us know and we will mail you the Release of Medical Information Form. We can FAX your signed Release of Medical Information Form while you are in our office but we cannot guarantee that we will get the necessary information before your appointment is over.

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Or leave your information for us to contact you to arrange the appointment:

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  • Please fill out either the email or phone number box (whichever method you prefer us to contact you by). If your appointment is fertility related please download and fill out the History Form and bring with you for your appointment. If unable to download form please let us know and we will mail you the History Form.


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Office: 502.749.6420
Fax: 502.749.6426


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