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With heavy hearts we are closing Fertility First/Reproductive Endocrine Services on January 31st, 2020. We enjoyed our eight years providing fertility care to remarkable people but circumstances are such that we cannot continue to operate.

We recommend that you contact the other fertility clinics here in Louisville to continue your treatment: Fertility and Endocrine Associates (502) 897-2144, Kentucky Fertility Institute (502) 996-4480 or The Institute for Reproductive Health (513) 924-5550.

There is a release of medical information form under the "Appointment Information" tab on our website that you can print out and FAX to us with the name of the fertility clinic you are planning on seeing so that we can FAX a copy of your records. You can also contact us to pick up a copy of your records as well.

Best wishes for your health and happiness.

Johanna S. Archer and Trish White

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