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Infertility Information

We work with several medical professionals to help you attain your goal of a successful and safe pregnancy. Dr. Christopher Schrepferman is an urologist with Urology First (formerly known as Allied Urology) who specializes in male reproductive medicine.

Norton’s Maternal Fetal Medicine and Kentuckiana Perinatology are two groups that specialize in high-risk obstetrical care and provides preconceptual counseling to couples where there is a medical issue that increases the likelihood of a problematic pregnancy.

Merck and EMD Serono, Inc are two pharmaceutical companies that make fertility medications. Both of them have an informational website that discusses fertility problems and the use of various fertility medications. They both offer patient assistance programs to qualifying couples to help cover the cost of these drugs.

EMD Serono Inc:

There are several organizations that are dedicated to couples that are trying to conceive. American Society for Reproductive Medicine has two websites that provide information to couples dealing with infertility.

Resolve is a national fertility organization that provides information as well as psychological support for couples having difficulties conceiving.

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